Other Services

JPA Dental Transitions offers other services to help maintain a healthy dental practice even if you are not currently seeking to sell, or purchase a practice.

JPA offers Speaking Engagements, Associateship planning, as well as stand-alone appraisals to help you track the value (health) of your practice.

Speaking Engagements

Whether it is a large dental meeting, a college classroom, or study club we are happy to schedule an appointment for a speaking engagement for your group! Mr. Jordan is a well known speaker valued for his expertise in the transitions field.

Associateship Planning

JPA Dental Transitions offers help and guidance in finding, and integrating an associate into an existing dental practice, or provide assistance to new graduates looking for an associateship.


Appraisals are not only for when you are selling your practice, they are a good way to understand the growth and value of your practice. An appraisal is a great tool to help you plan for your future, and the future of your practice.

If there is something we do not offer that your practice requires, we have a great selection of trusted resources we recommend. Feel free to call our office with any questions, or needs that you and your practice may have.

We would like a section for our trusted resources off of our current website:

All the information needed for that can be found here: http://www.jpatransitions.com/trustedsites/

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