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Your practice is one of the most valuable assets you will build over your professional career. The decision to sell is not one that is made lightly. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, you must have a plan, and that is where JPA Dental Transitions comes in. We will meet with you, at your office, to create a custom tailored plan for your transition. Whether you will be ready in three (3) months or two (2) years, we will ensure that a plan is in place that reflects the goals you have for your transition. Do not leave this decision to chance, JPA Dental Transitions has the tools and experience to help you reach those goals.

As a Seller starting the transition process there are some key concepts that will help your transition transpire smoothly. Keep in mind this pre-sale checklist.

  • Create your transition plan at least two (2) years out, if possible.
  • Avoid the “slow down” prior to selling, keep production strong.
  • Keep business as usual, resist the urge to “cherry pick”.
  • Keep staff salaries and benefits on the same course, avoid large raises prior to selling.
  • Have the value of your practice determined.
  • Keep your plans confidential.

JPA Dental Transitions will help you with each step along the way, ensuring that your practice will be poised for transition when you are ready to sell. Once you have reached that milestone, we will use our traditional listing means, as well as all new listing technology to maximize the exposure your practice receives and to find the right buyer for your practice.

We are committed to seeing your transition plan completed, each step of the way. From the initial call to the last signature, JPA Dental Transitions is there to guide you through.

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