What is a Strategic Planning Session?

Strategic planning sessions are time that Mr. Jordan sets aside to focus on you, your practice and any questions you may have. Mr. Jordan is not only a transition specialist, but he has a juris doctorate from Campbell University. He can help guide you through any questions you may have about your practice, its numbers, or its market value. Mr. Jordan’s background in legal work gives him a strong attention to detail and great problem solving skills. If you need someone to give you advice, and help you get onto the path to achieve your practice goals he is the professional with the skill sets that you want on your side.

Who needs a Strategic Planning Session?

Almost everyone! Buyers, Sellers, or even if you are thinking of bringing in an associate or partner, Mr. Jordan can help you develop a long-term plan to maximize the success of your goals. Having someone with your best interest in mind, who understands how each decision in your practice effects it in reality and on paper is invaluable. Strategic Planning can help buyers to understand what will happen in the purchasing process, and what will be expected of them; Strategic Planning can even mean Mr. Jordan helping you decide on the practice size that will fit you and your production rates. For sellers, Strategic planning means going over the numbers in an appraisal and helping you realize your goals. Helping you understand what can be changed to help maximize your numbers for your future transition. Strategic Planning is also a great resource for those of you thinking of bringing on an associate or partner. Doing either of these things will change your practice dynamic, and being prepared is a necessity of a healthy practice.
If you would like to schedule time for a Strategic Planning session with Mr. Jordan please visit our calendar of appointments on the contact us page, and schedule a time to speak with us!

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